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Voice Sonogram Art

Voice Sonogram Art allows you to keep a special memory forever in a unique way.  I'll take your recording and turn it into a piece of art that visually represents a voice or any sentimental sound in a soundwave form. 

Some great ideas for Voice Sonogram Art 

-a recording of your wedding vows or first dance song

-a recording of your child saying their first word

-an old voice message of a loved one who has sadly passed away, but you are wanting to remember that special message forever

How do you record the voice message/sound? 
You can easily record using your phone's Voice Memos app or video feature and just send me that.

If it's a voice message from a video, you can just record the recording of the voice in the video.

*If it doesn't sound very clear, that is fine. The audio program I use can still translate it!

This is an example of an old voicemail from my mother-in-law (who has sadly passed away) saying "Happy Birthday"  to my husband. I translated the voicemail using an audio program and then turned into a custom art piece for his birthday. 

This is an example of wedding vows that I translated and then painted a portion of them onto an 11x14 canvas. Such a special and unique way to remember one of the most important days of your life!

Wedding vows translated into a painting
First dance song translated into a painting

The perfect wedding anniversary gift! A translated painting of their first dance song - "What A Wonderful World"

Interested in a Voice Sonogram Painting?

Thanks for submitting! I'll be in touch soon.

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