Frequently asked questions:

1. Do you take commissions? How do I place a custom order? 

Yes! You can email me at, letting me know the style you are interested in, the colors you want, and the size you prefer.  If necessary, I  will make 3 small samples based on the given information, and you can choose your favorite one to be your final piece. 


2. Is shipping included in the price? 

Shipping rates are not included in the original price. Based on the size of the painting and the destination, I will have a better idea of what the shipping price will be. 

3. How long does it take to do a commission?  

Commissions usually take 10-12 weeks, but depending upon how busy I am at the time you place your order, that timeframe may decrease or increase. If you need the piece by a specific date, please let me know ahead of time so that I can try to meet your requested deadline. 

Before I start your commission, I do ask for 50%  so I can get the supplies to get started. 

4. Does the painting come framed and ready to hang? 

Each painting has a precisely painted gold leaf trim on it to make it look like it is framed. The gold is painted around the entire painting, as well as on the sides. Once completely dry, I varnish the

art piece with a protective spray. I also put the proper wire and hanging material on it before it is ready to go!

5. Where can I find your art?

 You can find my art pieces at the following places:

One Accord Marketplace on Bultman

721 Bultman Dr, Sumter, SC 29150


Cricket Newman Designs

2710-C Gervais St, Columbia, SC 29204

The Art Mecca of Charleston

427 King St, Charleston, SC 29403

The Blue Octagon

335 E King Street, Malvern PA 19355

Christenberry Collection 


Prices and sizes for any type of custom commission. 

size                 price

8x8                $299

8x10              $325

10x10             $375                    

12x12             $410

11x14              $450

12X24            $515

16X20            $575

20x20            $619

18x24             $650

15X30             $699

20x24            $725

24x24            $789

16x40             $850

24x30            $899

24x36            $949

24x48            $1,150

30x40            $1,230

36x36            $1,399

30x48            $1,500

36x48            $1,999

48x48            $2,750

48x60            $3,999

*If you do not see a particular size listed, please let me know!


*All the prices listed are the same for regular commissions and sonogram commissions.